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How Does Insulation Keep Your Green Valley, AZ Home Cool

When you think of the word “insulation,” what does it bring to mind? Probably cool winter evenings and keeping warm. But insulation works both ways–it functions as a thermal barrier that can keep heat from entering your home as much as keep your heated air from getting cold. Because thermal energy naturally moves from heat to cold, having good insulation in your home is critical year-round, especially during the blistering heat of an Arizona summer. In order to better understand why insulation is important, we have devised the following blog topic. After all, we believe that an informed customer can make better decisions about keeping their homes cool.

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Here’s the Low Down on How Insulation Works

Our bodies are like radiators: they constantly disperse thermal energy as you digest food and build new tissue. One of the reasons why you feel uncomfortable when the air itself is about the same degree as your body is because the body is not able to become cool by dissipating this heat. Your perception of temperature is actually related to the body’s ability to transfer heat outside of itself. This same principle can be used for thinking about insulation. If you think of your home as a small cold room trying to stay cool despite being in a massive room of high temperatures, it’s not hard to understand why insulation is a key component. While materials like metal are great thermal conductors, which is why they can become so hot and cold depending on the time of year, insulation slows the rate of heat transfer. During the summer, that means your home repels the encroaching heat.

There are various types of insulation to take into consideration if you’re thinking about having new insulation installed in your home. One of the most familiar is that pink stuff that looks like cotton candy. Fiberglass offers excellent thermal insulation that slows the rate of heat transfer during the summer. Blown-in insulation can be used for hard-to-reach areas, and batting can be used to insulate your attic so that the thermal energy does not seep into the rest of your home.

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