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How Does an Electronic Air Cleaner Differ from Air Filters?

Keeping your home cool and comfortable is likely your primary focus during the hot summer season. It is just as important, though, that you are able to maintain great indoor air quality in your home. After all, subpar indoor air quality can not only negatively affect your comfort, but your health as well.

In order to protect indoor air quality, some homeowners think that they can just rely on their air filters. This is not always the case, though. In many instances, the use of an air cleaner in Phoenix, AZ is actually necessary. Read on to learn more about what separates the air purifier from basic air filters.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with using air filters to protect the quality of the air in your home. You must know for certain, though, that you are using the right air filters for the job. The air filters in your HVAC system are of a low MERV if you’ve not upgraded them. MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value, and denotes how efficiently an air filter will filter the air. You can integrate air filters with a higher MERV into your HVAC system in order to clean the air, as opposed to just protecting your HVAC equipment, but you cannot overdue it. If you have overly efficient filters installed, you run the risk of creating too much airflow resistance, which can put excessive strain on your system.

Electronic air cleaners are another way in which you may choose to cleanse the air, and they take a much more proactive path toward doing so. Rather than simply trapping pollutants as air passes through a filter, an electronic air purifier will charge the pollutants in the air through an ionization process. Once that is done, the pollutants are trapped on an oppositely charged collector plate, which can then simply be removed from the system and cleaned.

If you think that an air purification system could benefit you, schedule service with Goettl Air Conditioning.


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