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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

heat-pump-outdoor-unitThere is no such thing as an air conditioning system that is going to suit every homeowner’s needs perfectly. That being said, a whole lot of homeowners in our area are starting to catch on to the heat pump. Heat pumps are very unique in their operation, and can offer homeowners everywhere a few benefits that more traditional air conditioners simply cannot match. Of course, even the best air conditioner is going to fail to function properly if not expertly installed and serviced.

Fortunately for you, our technicians are here to prevent that from happening. We work with the finest products on the market, we size our systems properly, and we always handle the installation in the right way. Review the following information, and you may just decide that a heat pump in Boulder City, NV is right for you. If so, let us know so that you can get the best that your new system has to offer.

Heat Transfer Is the Key

You probably understand that your air conditioner is not somehow “generating” cool air when it works to cool your home down. Instead, what it does is remove heat from the air in your home. That heat is then vented outdoors, and the cooled air is cycled back throughout your home.

The way that an air conditioner — including a heat pump — removes heat from the air in the house is by evaporating refrigerant in the evaporator coil. As it does this, heat is drawn out of the air, and the hot refrigerant travels outside to the condenser. As it is condensed, it sheds its heat, and the cycle starts over again until the desired temperature is met.

What a regular air conditioner can not do, but a heat pump can, is reverse the flow of refrigerant throughout the system. By reversing the direction in which the refrigerant flows, as well as the function of the coils, the heat pump is actually able to heat a home as well! Even better, it is able to do so with outstanding energy efficiency, as heat is transferred into the house, rather than generated via the consumption of a fuel.

When in heating mode, the heat pump draws heat out of the air outside. The warm refrigerant is then condensed in the indoor coil, shedding its heat so that the air in the house can be warmed. Because our winter weather is quite mild when compared to certain other areas in the country, the heat pump is actually a great system for the climate.

If you have any questions about heat pumps, their operation, or what makes and models are available to you, just give Goettl Air Conditioning a call. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. If you do decide to make the leap and invest in a heat pump, you want to know for certain that this system will function precisely as intended. Our technicians will guarantee that this is the case. 

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