How Does a Heat Pump Pump Heat?

Have you ever wondered what makes a heat pump work? Or how it can possibly work year round to keep your home comfortable? If you’re curious as to how a heat pump pumps heat from and into your home—depending on the season—then you’re not alone. We’d like to devote this post to keeping you better informed about how your heat pump works. As one of the leading providers of cooling your service area, we pride ourselves on our commitment to educating customers. It helps you to spot problems while they’re still relatively small so that you can call us to inspect your AC system before any major system damage occurs or before your system is forced into early retirement. For superior Green Valley, AZ air conditioning services, call Goettl Good Guys of Tucson today!

Heat Pumps Provide Air Conditioning and Heating

Your heat pump has similar components to any air conditioner: compressor, condenser, evaporator, and indoor air handler. It integrates with an extensive system of ductwork that extracts air from your home and cools or heats it, depending upon what you need. The compressor is the engine of any air conditioner, heat pumps included. During cooling, it takes the low-pressure gas refrigerant from the indoor evaporator and heats it up and pressurizes it to such a degree that it’s actually hotter than the outdoor air—even a Green Valley, AZ summer can’t compete. The condensed refrigerant moves indoors to the evaporator coil where a thermal exchange occurs between the cool liquid refrigerant and the warm indoor air that was extracted by your indoor air handler.

During the heating season, your heat pump takes advantage of a reversing valve to warm the cool indoor air and send heat through your ductwork. This makes the heat pump one of the most versatile and necessary tools for providing better home comfort. And to top that off, heat pumps are widely renowned for their exceptional energy efficiency. They use very little electricity to operate when compared with other types of systems.

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