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How Can I Get Radiant Heating Installed in Tucson?

Radiant heating is not the most common type of heating system involved in Tucson, which is why it may seem difficult to find a quality technician for boiler installation. Radiant heating systems are some of the most effective and efficient heating units available on the market, but forced-air heating systems are far more common in the U.S. since so many homeowners prefer to use the ductwork already installed in the home. However, many homeowners describe radiant heat as feeling more comfortable, since these systems heat the objects and people in the room, not just the air.

If you decide you want the improved comfort of radiant heating installed in your new home or if you need to replace your older forced-air heating system, how can you ensure the job is done right? If you’re in our area, the experts at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning have years of installation experience to make sure radiant heat systems in Tucson are installed properly. This quick guide can help you to prepare for the process.

How to Prepare for Installation

You should keep in mind that installing radiant heating is an involved job and will be far more time-consuming if you don’t already have a radiant heating system installed. When replacing an existing system, you may be able to leave some of the parts in place. But for a first time installation, you’ll need to install a very large tank and a precision piping system. If you want radiant floor heating, it may require major renovations, and it could take a few days. However, many homeowners believe that the comfort that results is worth the effort, as radiant heating allows for even heat distribution, zone control, and minimal heat loss.

Finding the Right Contractor for Installation

When you’re ready for professional heating installation, you’ll need locate the right contractor for the job. Be sure to read through the pages on their website or ask their office whether they service and install radiant heating systems. Contractors who are not trained on professional hot water heating systems may not know the proper safety measures to take in inspecting your unit or how to ensure all parts are secured and efficient.

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