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How Can a Heat Pump Benefit Me?

Homeowners today have a number of choices when it comes to ways in which to keep their homes comfortable throughout the year. Here in Arizona, of course, we use our air conditioners much more frequently than we do our heating systems. Even so, you must have a heater installed in your home if you hope to make it through the year comfortably, even when the temperature does drop to uncomfortably cool lows. With that in mind, you are wise to consider the installation of a good heat pump in Phoenix, AZ. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of a heat pump, though, you must first schedule your heat pump installation and services with a qualified professional. Simply call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to do so.

By Using Existing Heat

A major way in which a heat pump can benefit homeowners, particularly those in relatively warm climates such as ours, is by using existing heat in the heating process. When you heat your home with a heat pump, you won’t have to burn a fuel such as natural gas or oil to do so. Instead, a heat transfer process is utilized. Refrigerant in the system absorbs heat from the air outside. The refrigerant is then further compressed, and the heightened thermal energy is then used to heat air for distribution throughout the household. This is an exceptionally efficient method of heating one’s home.

By Offering Year Round Comfort

Efficiently as a heat pump may heat a home, we don’t use our heaters as much as our ACs. If heating efficiency alone is not enough to convince you of the heat pump’s merits, then consider too the fact that your heat pump can double as a cooling system. During the summer, the refrigerant cycle is reversed, with heat being drawn out of the air in the home. To learn more about the operation of heat pumps, or to schedule service with a trained professional, just give us a call.


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