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How Blower Door Testing Prepares Your Home for HVAC Installation

When you need a new heating or air conditioning system, you want to make sure your unit is as efficient as possible for maximum savings every month. But even if you purchase the most efficient system on the market, the condition of your home may contribute to inefficiency as energy is lost due to poor insulation or air leaks.

One of the best ways to keep your new unit as efficient as it is meant to be is by scheduling blower door testing for your home. Blower door testing involves the use of a large fan installed temporarily in a doorway to reduce the indoor pressure. This allows outdoor air to flow into any parts of your home that are not properly sealed, which technicians use special tools to detect.

Heat moves naturally from a warm area to a cooler area. When a part of your home is vulnerable to leaks, heat can move easily from the inside to the outside or vice versa. In the summer, heat moves into your home, reducing the efficiency of your air conditioner. Heat can move out of some parts of your house in the winter, affecting heating efficiency as well. Besides, your HVAC system will have to work much harder, which means it will take longer to get your home to a comfortable temperature. Blower door testing helps narrow down problem areas so that you can keep them sealed in order to improve the performance and efficiency of your unit.

Blower door testing requires the help of a trained professional with the right equipment. It involves a thorough inspection as well as some questions for the homeowner. This is to ensure that blower door inspection is a safe process for your home. The technician will close doors and windows that lead to the outside, shut off the gas and check for any other visible areas of the home that may allow air to leak in or out.  Then, the technician will make thorough calculations as to the volume of the home, and use tools to gauge pressure and airflow during and after the test in specific parts of the home.

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