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Hot Weather Tips and Tricks

thermometer-going-redVery, very hot summer weather is to be expected here in Arizona. Sometimes, the heat outside can be so overbearing that just leaving the comfort of your air conditioned home can seem a daunting task. Of course, you cannot just hide away in your house until things cool down — the heat is a fact of life for most of the year around here, not just a couple of months.

That’s why we want to give you a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy yourself more in the hot weather. Keep them in mind, and see what else you can come up with to beat the heat during our intense and long cooling season.

  • Hydration Is Key – Do not allow yourself to get dehydrated, especially when the climate is as hot and dry as ours. The best way to keep yourself hydrated is to keep a reusable water bottle on hand. You’re more likely to keep up with your water intake if you are not waiting until you can stop at the store to grab a drink. Also, stick to water as much as possible. Sodas, coffee, and alcoholic beverages are not going to do the trick.
  • Make Cool Food Choices – No, we don’t mean going out and dropping a lot of money at the trendy new restaurant in town. We mean “cool” literally. Salads, fruits, and other cold foods can help you to feel more comfortable when it’s hot out. Protein-rich foods should be limited, though adding in some spice is a good idea. It can actually help your body to cool down by causing you to sweat a bit! The evaporation of sweat is our built-in cooling process.
  • Can’t Stand the Heat? – Then get out of the kitchen! We’ve all heard that old adage, and it is applicable here. If you really want a hot meal, avoid using the stove and the range. Toss something on the grill outside, or just use the microwave. This will help to prevent your home heating up during the cooking process. A crock pot is another good way to get a hot meal without generating too much auxiliary heat.
  • Dress Appropriately – Sounds obvious, right? Well, there’s more to it than just opting for jeans and t-shirts. You should also think about the materials that you are wearing. Cottons and linens are ideal for the heat of summer, while synthetic fabrics may lock heat in. Just remember to apply some sunscreen if you are wearing very light clothes that are easy for the sun to penetrate.
  • Go for a Dip – You don’t have to have a pool on your property to take a dip and cool off. There are plenty of public swimming pools in the Tucson area. You can find a list of them here.
  • Keep Your AC in Great Working Shape – Regardless of all the tips and tricks that you may take advantage of, the fact is that your AC system is still your first line of defense against the summer heat. Schedule routine AC maintenance and any necessary AC repairs in Tucson, AZ with our staff. Goettl Air Conditioning is always here for you.

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