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Here Are Some Benefits of a Professional Insulation

The insulation in your home is one of the most important parts of your entire heating and air conditioning system. The main purpose of insulation is to resist heat transfer. So in the summer when it’s hot outside, insulation keeps that heat from moving into your home. Here at Goettl Good Guys, we wanted to share a little bit about why insulation in Vail, AZ is so important.

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Benefits of Good Insulation in Vail, AZ

In the summer, you probably run your air conditioning system a lot in order to keep your home cool. If you’re like most homeowners then you keep your home much cooler than the outdoor air. This temperature difference naturally causes the heat from the outdoors to try to get inside in order to equalize the temperatures. Resisting that heat transfer is exactly what your insulation is there to do.

Over time, your insulation can become thin which would reduce its ability to resist heat transfer. Also if there are any gaps between the insulation and your ceiling and wall joists they will allow heat to freely move between your home and the outside. Rodents, insects and water can also cause rotting in your insulation which will also reduce its effectiveness.

So What Can You Do?

Getting your home’s insulation inspected, repair or replaced is usually the best thing that you can do to increase its effectiveness. Call Goettl Good Guys or your local AC contractor and ask them to come out and take a look at your insulation. Here at Goettl Good Guys, we can talk with you about the condition of your insulation and then recommend if you need to replace your insulation entirely or if we can just add more insulation on top of your existing.

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