Help! My AC Is Leaking Water!

It’s a service call that we get from to time. A homeowner calls us up, alarmed because his or her air conditioner seems to be leaking water. We say “seems to be” very deliberately there, though, because air conditioners do not actually use water in their operation, and water around the system is not exactly a sign that the system itself is leaking water. You are not hallucinating if you see water around your system, though: it very well may be coming from the system somewhere. It’s just not precisely a system leak, as a refrigerant leak is. Read on to learn more about why your AC may appear to be leaking, and be sure to schedule your air conditioning repair services in Phoenix, AZ with our team.

Where Is This Water Coming From?

One common cause of ice in the vicinity of an air conditioning system is the aforementioned refrigerant leak. No, refrigerant is not water, and it is likely not refrigerant that you are seeing. When refrigerant is low, though, it can cause the evaporator coils in your system, as well as the refrigerant lines themselves, to drop below freezing. When they do, ice can form on the system. Of course, eventually that ice is going to warm up to the point that it melts. As a result, the melted ice, originally formed by the humidity that has frozen on the evaporator coil, can pool around the system. Refrigerant leaks are serious business, and they can cause serious damage to your system if allowed to persist. We can repair your leaks and recharge your refrigerant for you.

Apparent water leaks can also be the result of a backed up condensate drain line. The humidity removed by your AC during its operation has to go somewhere, which is why your air conditioner system will drain this condensate out of your house. If the drain line is backed up, or if the drain pan is crooked, the water can back up into your home.

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