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Heater Replacement: Are You Ready?

technicians-and-vanIf we were to ask you with a straight face which system you use more throughout the year, your heater or your air conditioner, you’d rightly laugh in our faces. The answer is obvious, as we live in such a hot climate. The fact that we use our air conditioners a lot more than our heating systems, however, is no reason to overlook just how important your home heating system truly is. You still rely on it.

That is why you really should not put off your heating replacement for too long. Sure, you may be able to squeeze another season out of your system. Just because you can keep your heater limping along for another season does not mean that you should, though. The fact of the matter is that you’ll have to replace your heater eventually and, when you do, you don’t want to wait for a complete breakdown. Here is some information to keep in mind regarding your heating replacement in Phoenix, AZ.

Age Plays a Major Factor

Nobody expects you to replace a heating system that is working just fine—in most cases. However, it really is important to keep the age of your heating system in mind. It may not be the only factor to consider, but it will definitely inform the decision of when to replace your heater.

When properly installed and routinely maintained, many heating systems are going to last longer than their projected lifespans would expect. Not a single one will last forever, though. The further that you push that system beyond its expected lifespan, the further you are pushing your luck, in some respects.

Efficiency Should Not Be Compromised

One issue that goes hand and hand with system is age is overall energy efficiency. It is possible that you are using a system that is old enough that it does not live up to today’s energy efficiency expectations. It’s also possible that your system has simply lost some of its efficiency over the years.

Whatever the case,  we know that putting off a replacement to “save some money” is a tempting prospect. Are you really saving money, though? Probably not. Spending the money on a new system now will help you to save money on energy bills in the long run.

Heat Your Home without Roling the Dice

When you need your heater, you need it to function properly. It is just that simple. If your heater is unreliable, then replacing it with a new system is really the only way to go.

It doesn’t matter that our climate is generally warm. You need to keep your home comfortable when it counts, and you shouldn’t be dishing out check after check for heating repairs just to do so. Work with Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix and we’ll help you to decide if repairs are really still the way to go, or if a replacement would be best in your situation. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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