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Why Is My Heater Making Strange Sounds?

opening-heating-cabinetThere is a misconception among some people that living in Arizona means that you’re hot all of the time, or at least comfortably warm. This really isn’t the case, obviously, as anyone that has lived here for a winter or two can tell you. We certainly don’t have the coldest winters in the country, of course, but even at this point our nighttime temperatures are dropping down into the 50’s. Don’t let the fact that the weather is warming up a bit more consistently lull you into false confidence in your heating system.

Late-season heating repairs in Tucson, AZ are fairly common. It only makes sense that the end of the season, after a few months of service, is when heaters are in their roughest condition, right? While the end of the heating season may be in sight, you should still address any problems that you may encounter with your heater as soon as possible. This includes any odd sounds that your heater may start making.

Strange Sounds Are Not Insignificant

We understand that you may use your air conditioner more than your heater, and that you may get a bit more nervous about a loud, strange sound coming from your AC than you might your heater. The fact is that no unfamiliar noise coming from your heater can really be called “insignificant,” though. Remember, we’re not just talking about problems that could potentially have a negative impact on your comfort. Problems with your heater’s operation could actually put your safety in jeopardy, as well.

If You Hear Squealing and Screeching…

it may be a result of a worn belt in the blower motor. This is one of those problems that is really quite simple to fix, and a prime example of why you should never wait to schedule service. Simple a fix as it may be, waiting for the belt to snap entirely will leave you without forced air until it is replaced. This problem could easily affect your AC, as well, if it shares a blower with your heater. You could also just need more lubrication on bearings in the system.

If You Hear Rattling and Banging…

there is likely a more serious issue at play with the blower motor or the assembly itself. A rattling sound is probably an issue with a loose component, while banging or clanging could mean that the blower is misaligned. If you ignore this problem just because your system is still operational, you run the risk of doing further damage to the equipment.

If You Hear a Clicking Sound…

you may well have an electrical issue. Keep in mind that clicking sounds are normal when a system cycles on and/or off. However, if the clicking is repeating over and over during operation, you could have an issue with a relay or with an electrical control handling that relay.

The long and short of it is that any unusual sounds coming from your heater are not to be ignored. The same goes for your air conditioning system. Our technicians are great at what they do, but we rely on you to alert us to any potential issues before we can show up to resolve them. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and dial our number if you have any concerns.

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