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Heat Pumps: A Great Option for Our Area

You’ve been feeling the chill of winter at night, with temperatures regularly dropping into the 50’s lately. In the coming weeks, the 40’s will be the norm during the bedtime hours. Are you ready to heat your home both effectively and efficiently when the temperature drops well below a comfortable level?

With a heat pump in Tucson, AZ, you can achieve that goal. Our winters are certainly a lot more mild than in other parts of the country, but you will need to run your heater to live comfortably, even if only for a brief period of the year. Of course, you may not really want to invest in designated equipment for doing so. With a heat pump, you bridge that gap with the incredible versatility that the system has to offer.

Don’t Generate Heat. Transfer It!

Systems like boilers or furnaces burn fuel or use electric resistance elements in order to generate heat. A heat pump doesn’t work in this manner. It is much closer to an air conditioner, in this regard.

Think about it. Your air conditioner doesn’t generate “cool,” right? No. It removes heat from the air in your home, and it then redistributes that cooled air throughout your living space. A heat pump does the exact same thing during the summer. During the heat season, though, it reverses its operation.

Then, the refrigerant in the system is evaporated in the outdoor coil. This allows it to draw existing heat out of the air outside. The warm refrigerant moves indoors, is condensed in the indoor coil, and its heat is used to warm air for distribution throughout the house. Very little electricity is used to facilitate this heat transfer process. That’s what makes the heat pump such an efficient heating option.

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