Heat Your Home Efficiently with a Heat Pump

hot-and-cold-homesWe live in an area where frigid winter temperatures and heavy snowfall just aren’t real concerns. That being said, it does get plenty cold enough to necessitate the use of our home heating systems during the winter season. Even if you’re only running your heater a bit to take the chill out of the air at night, you want that system to function effectively in order to keep yourself and your family warm and cozy. You also want it to work efficiently.

Nobody wants to pay more than they should have to in order to heat their homes. That is why we often recommend that homeowners consider the use of a heat pump on their properties. For reasons that we’ll explore more below, the heat pump is actually something of an ideal heating option in this part of the country. Should you decide that a heat pump is right for you, be sure to schedule your heat pump services in Rancho Cucamonga with us.

What’s So Special About a Heat Pump?

There are a lot of great heating options out there that you should explore in order to guarantee that you choose the system that you really want. However, the heat pump is unique among them. This is due to the fact that a heat pump can actually heat and cool your home! Year round comfort from just one system is just one of the benefits that you’ll enjoy when you use a heat pump, though.

How Does It Work?

A heat pump in the summer season acts just like a central air conditioner. Refrigerant is evaporated in the indoor coil, and that allows it to draw heat out of the air passing over it. The refrigerant then travels out to the condenser unit, where it is condensed and releases its heat in the process. That cycle continues until your home is sufficiently cooled down.

A component called a reversing valve allows the refrigerant cycle of a heat pump to be reversed, and the functions of its coils are reversed as well. During the heating season, refrigerant evaporates in the outdoor unit of the system. Heat is drawn out of the air surrounding the outdoor unit, and the refrigerant is compressed in order to boost its thermal energy. That heat is then released in your home as the refrigerant is condensed indoors.

The Benefits

The most obvious benefit of using a heat pump is the fact that you get your heating and cooling system all in one package. Considering how mild our winter weather typically is, it makes sense to lump your heater in with your AC. The other benefit of the heat pump is its incredible heating efficiency.

You’ll notice that nowhere in the description of its operation above do we mention how heat pumps generate heat. That is because they don’t. Instead, the heat pump transfers existing heat into your home. That seriously cuts down on energy consumption, meaning that you can heat your home in a very affordable manner by using a heat pump.

G–O–E–T–T–L–it’ll keep you cool but it’s hard to spell.