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Have You Scheduled a Blower Door Test Recently?

In Arizona, obviously, the heating season is a lot more mild than the summer months are. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t worry about an inefficient performance from your heater, though. You don’t want to be paying more than you should have to in order to heat your home, even if you aren’t doing so as much as you cool your home in the summer.

You should also keep in mind that heating inefficiency may be the result of problems that also affect your air conditioning system. If you have air leaks in your home’s thermal envelope, for instance, you are looking at year round inefficiency. Finding such leaks is the first step in resolving the problem, which is why you may want to schedule a blower door test in Phoenix, AZ.

How Does a Blower Door Test Surface Inefficiencies?

A blower door test involves the temporary installation of a mounted fan in an outer door of your home. The fan is sealed in tightly, so that no air escapes between it and the door frame. This fan does not pull fresh air into your home, but rather pulls air out of your home. This depressurizes the house, so that the air pressure within is actually lower than that outside. So what is the point of all this?

Because the air pressure outside is higher, air will automatically make its way into your home via any gaps in the thermal envelope. All of the windows and other egresses in the house will be sealed shut, so the air can only get in via these air gaps. Your technician can then go through your home in order to find the leaks, and a course of action can be taken to resolve them.

Now, you don’t want your home to be entirely airtight. Some amount of natural ventilation is necessary in order to maintain good indoor air quality within. We will help you to understand how much ventilation is too much, and we’ll help you to strike the right balance between that ventilation, your comfort, and your energy efficiency.

Schedule your blower door test today with the professionals here at Goettl Air Conditioning.

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