Has the Time Come for Heating Repairs?

With our warm weather lasting for much of the year, too many homeowners mistakenly believe that their heaters are not really as important as their air conditioners. When the temperature drops, though, these homeowners tend to be the ones that find out the hard way that their heaters are still very important. Just because they aren’t used as much doesn’t mean they aren’t invaluable.

That is why it is so important that you not ignore the need for heating repairs in Tucson, AZ. If your heater is giving you cause for concern, contact us right away. The sooner that your system is repaired, the better.

  1. Cold spots. If your home is not heating up evenly, but it used to without issue, then there is likely a problem that requires professional repair services. If your heater has always failed to heat your home evenly, it may not be properly sized. There is no repair for this issue. A malfunctioning blower or leaky ductwork can certainly be repaired, though. If you have cold spots, let us get to the root of the problem.
  2. Loud sounds. Electric radiant heating systems are more or less silently, but most heaters make noise of some kind when operating. If your heater is suddenly much louder during operation than it used to be, though, you may have a serious problem on your hand. Report any grinding, screeching, popping, or banging sounds as soon as they develop to avoid extensive damage to your system.
  3. Short cycling. Is your heater starting up, running briefly, and then cycling back down? If so, it is short cycling. This puts a lot of excessive wear and tear on the heater, increasing the likelihood of damage to the system and driving up energy costs in the process. Malfunctioning thermostats or thermocouple are likely culprits, though a very dirty air filter could also be to blame.

Goettl Air Conditioning will get to the bottom of any heating problems that you may experience.