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Good Guys Doing Good Things In Their Community

We here at the Goettl Good Guys like to take time out of our schedules to honor those good guys who do good for their community.  This time we could not single out just one good guy, and instead honored an entire team of good guys!  The football team at Queen Creek High School took a stand against bullying in their school by protecting and friending special needs student Chy Johnson.

Carson just happened to be a captain of Queen Creek High School’s varsity football team resulting in the whole team taking Chy under their wings.  Instead of approaching the students that were bullying Chy, Carson and his teammates would walk Chy to and from class and sit with her at lunch to show that there is no reason to bully her.  Their act of kindness went a long way, as the team ended up winning the Arizona State Championship with Chy at their side for every game.

We at Goettl wanted to thank Carson and his team for their act of kindness in helping Chy at school by taking members of his team, and Chy and her family, to an Arizona Cardinals football game!  We took them all up to our stadium box, provided as much food as they could eat, and even had our CEO Dan Burke as their host.  Everyone had a great time and we could not have invited better guests!

Carson, Chy, and Dan appeared on KPHO channel 5 for their morning broadcast.  KPNX Channel 12 shared the team’s story during their afternoon broadcast and KSAZ Fox 10 shared Chy’s and Carson’s story during their morning broadcast.

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