Enjoy the Benefits of Zone Controlled Heating

Because we live in a place that is so warm for so much of the year, it can be easy to overlook the importance of our heating systems. They may not see quite as heavy usage as our air conditioners do, but their performance quality should be held up to the same high standards. If you are ready to start getting more from your forced air heating system, such as a furnace or heat pump, then now is the time to schedule your zone control system installation.

Using a zone control system in Phoenix, AZ can benefit you greatly. It can help you to live more comfortably even while you cut down on your heating costs. Plus, the zone control system will be there for you when you go back to using your air conditioner for the cooling season. Just remember that you need to hire qualified professionals to design and install your zone control system. 

How Does Zoning Work?

A zone control system consists of some standard components. There is a central control panel that is integrated into your HVAC system. Multiple thermostats are installed throughout the house, one in each temperature zone. These thermostats are wired into the control panel. So too are multiple electronic dampers, which are installed throughout your ductwork.

When you adjust the temperature at any of the thermostats in the house, the corresponding dampers will adjust and modulate the output of the HVAC system to that specific area of the house. This means that you can maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home.

Not only does this mean that you can improve comfort with custom temperature control, but you can cut down on energy use as well. Our winters are fairly mild, for instance. The hustle and bustle in your kitchen, along with the heat generated by cooking, may be enough to keep that area warm. You may want the heat a bit higher in the bedrooms to take the chill out of the air, though. Zone control allows you to do so.

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