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Ductless AC: What's the Big Deal?

ductless-blowerIf you have been thinking about replacing your air conditioner and have done even the most preliminary research, or even if you’ve just asked friends and family about the systems that they’re currently using, there is a good chance that you’ve heard of the ductless mini split. Ductless mini splits have long been a favorite in commercial settings and multi-family housing units, but they’ve also really gained traction in the residential sector at large. This is thanks to the unique benefits that they offer.

If you want to know more about ductless air conditioning in Las Vegas and why it has earned such a great reputation, then today’s post is definitely for you. We’ll cover the ductless mini split itself and some of its major selling points. Just keep in mind, though, that even the best air conditioning systems on the market will falter if they are not professionally installed and serviced. If you do decide to use a ductless mini split in your home, be sure to have our team install, maintain, and, when necessary, repair it.

Eliminate Ductwork to Open Up Possibilities

Okay, so you probably were able to deduce that ductless mini split systems do not use air ducts in their operation. That does not mean that you can equate them with window-unit air conditioners that are loud and inefficient, though. Ductless mini splits are still whole-house cooling systems, they just use individual, wall-mounted blower units rather than a central air handler.

These units connect to a single outdoor unit, which will typically support 4 indoor units. They require just a 3″ hole be drilled in an outward facing wall, and connect to the outdoor unit with a conduit that contains power, refrigerant, and drainage lines. This means that the system is easily installed in those homes without ductwork already in place, or in those homes where ductwork has proven problematic in the past.

Start Saving Money!

Okay, but what if ductwork isn’t a problem in your home? Is the ductless mini split still worth your consideration? It sure is. In fact, they are among the most efficient of all available whole-house cooling systems.

Air ducts can be effectively used to distribute conditioned air throughout a house. They can also leak, though, and that can cause problems not just with efficiency but with indoor air quality as well. This is to say nothing of the simple zone control that the individual blowers allow for. You can adjust each blower unit independently of the others, as each has its own thermostat.

That helps you to live more comfortably while potentially cutting back on cooling costs, but that’s not even the most major benefit! While cooling-only models do exist, most homeowners choose to go with the heat pump model. This allows you to use the heat in the air outside in order to heat your home with incredible efficiency. Because our winters are so very mild, this is definitely a system worthy of your serious consideration.

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