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How Does Dual Fuel Heating Work?

natural-gas-combustionHere in Arizona, we tend to put a lot more emphasis on our air conditioning systems than we do our heating systems. In fact, it is our generally warm climate that makes the use of heat pumps around here so common. Just because a heat pump is well-suited to our mild winters, however, does not necessarily mean that it is always the ideal heating system of choice.

Sometimes, a heat pump is faced with chilly enough temperatures that its efficiency begins to drop. In fact, efficiency can drop below that of a natural gas furnace. This is why so many homeowners choose to use dual fuel heating systems in Tucson, AZ. With a dual fuel heater, you get the unrivaled efficiency of a heat pump along with the reliability of a gas furnace. Learn more about the benefits of using such a system with the information we have to share below.

First of All, Why Choose a Heat Pump to Begin With?

The heat pump portion of a dual fuel heating system typically serves as the primary heat source. This is beneficial because heat pumps differ greatly from other heaters in their operation. Rather than generate new heat, the heat pump essentially acts as an AC in reverse. This allows it to evaporate refrigerant in the outdoor coil and to use this process to absorb heat from the air outside.

That refrigerant is then compressed, and it is condensed indoors in order to release heat into the home. This is an incredibly efficient way in which to heat one’s home. Plus, you can use the heat pump to cool your home in the summer, as well.

Then Why Back It Up with a Furnace?

A heat pump uses electricity in its operation. Now, the heat transfer process requires just a very small amount of electricity, so the heat pump is very efficient. As temperatures drop below a certain point, though, the heat pump will lose some of its efficiency. At a certain point, it actually makes more sense to run a gas heater. With a dual fuel, or “hybrid” heating system, you get both. This means that you also get the benefits that both systems have to offer.

Isn’t It Inconvenient, Though?

If you think that using a dual fuel heater sounds inconvenient, that is probably because you are missing one key piece of information. With a dual fuel heating system, the system itself will automatically switch back and forth between the heat pump and furnace as needed. This takes all of the responsibility out of your hand.

There is no guesswork as to which system is the right one to use at given point. There is no risk of switching over to the furnace and then forgetting to switch back to the heat pump. Just set your thermostat to the temperature that you desire, and enjoy the efficient, dependable comfort that a dual fuel heater makes possible.

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