Does Insulation Save You Money in the Summer?

Home insulation in Chandler AZ doesn’t have the same priority as it might in, say, Bangor ME. People associate insulation with staying warm in the winter, and indeed that’s one of its main functions. But the same principle that makes it work so well in cold weather also makes it work in hot weather. That means you should think very seriously about improving your insulation, perhaps even more than you might in a colder environment.

Does insulation save you money in the summer?

The principles of insulation involve three distinct concepts: conduction (the way heat moves through solid materials), convection (the way heat mores through liquids and gases) and radiation (the way heat warms the temperature of anything in its path. Insulation works to slow that process in the first two instances and often the third as well. It’s composed of material that slows the transfer of heat, whether it be fiberglass, rigid foam or even sheep’s wool. It’s also why you want to have lots of insulation in your attic, since warm air rises and moves towards the highest spot in the house.

However, that process isn’t just one way. The same concepts that help the insulation keep warm air inside your home also keeps outside hot air from getting into your home. In other words, the cool air generated by your air conditioning system will stay in your home longer and your air conditioner won’t need to spend as much energy to keep you home cool. That translates to lower monthly cooling bills over the summer, as well as a reduced risk of breakdowns and lower stress on your air conditioner overall.

Knowing that insulation saves you money in the summer means that you may wish to consider adding more before the Arizona heat rises beyond comfort. And for home insulation in Chandler AZ, the experts at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning are ready to help.

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