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Do Not Leave a Dirty Air Filter in Your Heater

In the next couple of weeks, nighttime temperatures are more likely to fall into the 50’s or even the 40’s than they are to remain hovering around in the 60’s. Mild as winter may be in this part of the country, there is no denying that it is making its way toward us. That is why you need to dust off the heater and schedule routine heating maintenance in Phoenix, AZ to get it in great working condition.

Just remember that, while annual heating maintenance is enough to help protect your system, leaving your air filter changes for annual technician visits is not. You need to change your air filter as needed if you hope for your system to function effectively, efficiently, and successfully. Typically, 1-3 months should suffice.

But why is a dirty air filter in a heater such a problem? There are a few potential consequences that you may face as a direct result of failing to change your filter. With these in mind, the negligible price of a new filter is easy to justify.

  1. Inefficiency. It does not matter how efficient your furnace or your heat pump is. If there is not a clean air filter in that forced air heating system, it is going to fall shy of its efficiency capabilities. Don’t let a dirty air filter leave you to pay more for heating your home.
  2. Air Quality. If you have problems with your indoor air quality, you may want to invest in higher efficiency filters in order to resolve those problems. If not, the standard air filter in your heating system is all you’ll need. Just remember that, though this filter is not designed to boost air quality throughout your home, failure to replace it as needed can negatively affect your air quality. Air will follow the path of least resistance, and a very dirty filter may cause air to move around it.
  3. Performance. The added strain placed on your system by a dirty air filter can cause it to suffer unnecessary wear and tear. That can lead to operational problems, and even increased repair needs. Plus, the system may overheat, which can lead to short cycling.

If you have questions about how to change your air filter or need to schedule maintenance, call Goettl Air Conditioning.

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