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Do I Need to Have My Ductwork Tested?

It hasn’t been too hot around here just yet, but homeowners throughout the area know that the hottest time of the year is well on its way. The next few weeks are bringing some weather in the mid-to-high 80s, so it makes sense to ensure that your air conditioning system is functioning at peak performance levels before things heat up much more. Hopefully you’ve been diligent in scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance over the years, and you’ve done so this year as well. Even so, there may be issues with your system that have slipped through the cracks. Leaky ductwork is one such issue, which is why you may want to schedule professional duct testing in Tucson, AZ.

When Is Duct Testing Necessary?

Ideally, homeowners will have their air ducts tested at least every few years. Unlike, say, professional air conditioning maintenance, though, which is an annual commitment, there are not such hard and fast rules when it comes to duct testing. While every few years is recommended, scheduling professional duct testing is also largely up to the homeowner. You should know some basic warning signs that your air ducts are indeed leaking, so that you can have them tested when trouble arises.

If you notice that your indoor air quality is on the decline, it could be due to leaky ductwork distributing pollutants throughout the house. Compromised air ducts may also be the cause of reduced efficiency levels, and hot spots throughout your home. If you notice any of these problems in your residence, scheduling duct testing with our team is probably in your best interest.

When we test your ductwork, we aren’t just removing grates and shining a light within. We close off the system, attach a calibrated fan to your ductwork, and pressurize it. We measure the difference in pressure against that pressurization, and in doing so we are able to determine with certainty if your ducts are leaking. If the test results confirm this, we can go about getting your ductwork back into prime working condition.

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