The HVAC industry could use a little maintenance, according to Ken Goodrich.

“I’m not a sales and marketing guy. I’m an air conditioning guy to the core,” said Goodrich, owner of Goettl Air Conditioning. “I think nowadays the home service world has become kind of a gimmicky marketing world as opposed to a ‘we’re-really good at our jobs’ world.”

Goettl Air Conditioning was a family business, founded by two brothers in Arizona in 1939. Goodrich said it is known within the state for its innovation in evaporative cooler

The company moved to Nevada when Goodrich acquired it in 2014. Now it’s breaking into California.

This summer, Goettl finalized acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air in Corona, giving it a footprint in the Inland Empire, Orange County and the San Gabriel Valley.

Walton’s is a good fit for Goettl, Goodrich said in a phone interview.

“Being able to grab an experienced leadership team, that’s always the key to running a great business team. I always say it’s not the land, it’s the man.”

A Las Vegas native, Goodrich followed his father into heating, ventilation and air conditioning at age 10.

“I started holding the flashlight for my dad while he worked on an air conditioner. And the first air conditioner that I shined that flashlight on was a Goettl air conditioner.”

The industry is changing, with technological advances requiring more precise home measurements, Goodrich said.

“The pace is fast, right? We’ve seen that the new model of air conditioners require a greater level of competency than in the past. So the installation process is critical.”

Still, Goodrich sees HVAC as a people business.

“I think people want to connect with companies. They want to have an emotional connection.”

Goodrich said Goettl has grown 500 percent in his three years of ownership, and Corona is only the beginning for California. He would like to see the brand grow throughout the state.

“I believe if we stick to our guiding principles, we shouldn’t have any challenges at all.”