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Common Heating Problems

chilly-manLiving in California means far more warm and sunny days than cold ones and fairly moderate winter temperatures. What it does not mean,  however,  is that your heater is not still incredibly important to your overall comfort. Sure, your AC may see more action than your home heating system does,  but your heater still needs to step up to the plate and hit the ball out of the park when its services are needed. Any problems with your heater could seriously impede your overall comfort.

That is why it is so important that you schedule prompt heating repairs in Corona, CA when problems do arise. No matter what the issue may be, and no matter how “minor” you may think that it is, scheduling immediate heater repairs is always going to be in your best interest. Keep your eyes and ears open for signs of trouble, and read on to learn about some common heating problems that homeowners encounter.

Your Forced Air Heater Is Blowing Cool Air

We should preface all of this by saying that pretty much any problem that you encounter with your heater could be the result of any number of problems. That being said, a few likely culprits in a heater blowing warm air are:

  • Combustion problems.
  • Heating element problems.
  • Ductwork problems.
  • Thermostat problems.

When we say that every component in your heating system needs to be firing on all cylinders for the system as a whole to function properly, this is precisely what we’re talking about. Don’t let your heater blow cool or even lukewarm air into your living space.  Putting up with that is turning a blind eye to a potentially serious issue.

Your Heater Is Starting and Stopping too Frequently

A heater is not meant to run in short bursts. Heaters are supposed to run in full heating cycles, allowing for optimal energy efficiency and even, comfortable temperatures. If your system is starting up, running only very briefly, and then cycling back down again, it is short cycling. This puts a lot of extra wear and tear on the system, while also decimating efficiency levels. Again, there are a few reasons why you may encounter this problem.

  • Very dirty filters creating too much airflow resistance.
  • Problems with thermocouples.
  • Refrigerant leaks (heat pump only).
  • Thermostat malfunction.
  • Faulty capacitors.

Your Heater Is Making Strange Sounds

This is one of the problems that homeowners tend to most frequently ignore, which is too bad considering the fact that strange sounds coming from a heater are among the most clearcut signs of trouble. Just because your heater is up and running does not mean that it is functioning properly, so do not take that to mean that these strange sounds are nothing to worry about. Again, they could indicate a few different issues.

  • Slipped/warn belts.
  • Loose components.
  • Damaged fan blades.
  • Excessive pressure.
  • Delayed ignition.

If you ask us, regardless of how mild our winter weather may be, taking swift action when you notice problems with your heater is definitely the way to go. Contact Goettl Air Conditioning SoCal when you do.

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