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Causes of Low Air Flow in Your AC Unit

Your air conditioner is one of the most important parts of your home, especially here in the Valley of the Sun with summer temperatures on their way. The system needs to perform at its peak and when problems arise, you need to get them corrected as quickly as possible. To do otherwise can cost you a great deal in needless energy expenses, and possibly leave you without reliable cooling power to boot. This extends to the fans and motors providing you with air flow as well as the unit’s cooling power itself. Here in Phoenix AZ, air conditioning repair services can usually resolve the causes of low air flow in your AC unit, but it helps if you yourself understand what those causes are. To give yourself peace of mind when it comes to your AC unit it is often best to enroll it in our maintenance program so that any of these issues are dealt with before any larger problems arise.

Common Sources of Low Air Flow in AC Units

  • Blockage and build ups. Dirt and dust can build up on your air filter, as well as clogging tight lines and even wider spots like your ducts. The net result – besides spreading dust and dirt throughout your home – is to lower the overall flow of air, forcing your air conditioner to work harder to do its job and increasing the risk of future repairs.
  • Fan motor problems. Faulty electrical wiring or an internal problem with the fan motor will cause it to turn more slowly, lowering the flow of the air. In the case of a damaged wire, the problem is easy for a professional to correct, but a burnt-out motor is a serious repair that may necessitate replacing the whole air conditioner.
  • Bent or misaligned fan blades. Fan blades can become misaligned through damage, or individual blades may become bent. The fan may also run into trouble if a foreign objects like a twig or loose screw gets jammed into its mechanism.

Regardless of the causes of low air flow in your AC unit, the experts at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning can get it fixed quickly and efficiently.

Our air conditioning experts have handled Phoenix AZ air conditioning repair issues for decades, and we know how to do the job right. Give us a call today!

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