Benefits of Sahuarita Insulation

For many homeowners, the thought of insulation brings to mind the colder months of the year, when we need a good working heater and solid insulation to keep our homes warm and comfortable. But insulation is a year-round home improvement that not only affects the ability of heat to stay inside your home during the winter, but also the ability of heat to stay outside your home during the summer. Insulation is a thermal barrier, which means that it controls the flow of heat, which always moves from hotter to cooler temperatures. With this in mind, there are numerous benefits of having insulation installed in your Sahuarita home.

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  • Improved cooling performance. One of the main benefits of adding insulation to key areas in your home or replacing your existing insulation is improved cooling performance. Take attic insulation, for instance, which is an excellent way to ensure that the heat radiating through the roof into your home stays up there. This can actually reduce the impact that the hottest part of your home has on the rest of your living space. Considering the levels of heat during the summer, this is a major advantage.
  • High energy efficiency. High temperatures require serious cooling, and with serious cooling comes high energy expenditure. Your energy bill is high enough as it is, but when your attic heats up, your air conditioner may have difficulty keeping up. When you purchased your AC, you may have learned what SEER is; it stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. As a numeric scale rating system, it provides an estimate of how your model will perform in a real-life situation, but it can be hampered by a lack of proper insulation.
  • Year-round home improvement. Keep in mind that when you make an insulation improvement in your home that you are also achieving improved year-round energy efficiency. It is a cost-effective upgrade that can make a substantial impact on your heating and cooling systems.

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We can make sure that you get the most from your cooling system this summer.