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Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

Life in the desert comes with many advantages—principally beautiful, pleasant winters—but it brings with it the problems of low humidity. Dry air helps keep us more comfortable in hot weather, since excess moisture releases additional heat as it condenses along our skin, but it can also have a negative effect on your health and damage parts of your home.

To combat aridity in a house, people often resort to using portable humidifiers. These are helpful for single rooms, especially ones with infants where the moister air helps them sleep better. But to fully enjoy the benefits of balanced humidity in your home, you need to have a whole-house humidifier installed into your HVAC system. It’s not a difficult service: call up Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning and talk to our indoor air quality experts in Benson, AZ. They can arrange to install a unit that will ideally fit your home.

Why Have a Whole-House Humidifier Installed?

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive from having your home’s humidity balanced:

  • Better protection for your furnishings and belongings: Dry air can be destructive to various surfaces and materials found in homes. Wood floors, panels, and fixtures will start to warp as the aridity draws moisture from them. Think of the way that your skin can turn dry and flaky as it loses moisture; the same process occurs to wood, making it crack. The problem is especially destructive for precision devices such as musical instruments and valuable property that will be easily ruined from cracking.
  • Improved comfort: Moist air will make you feel hotter than normal. The reverse is true of dry air; it will make you feel colder than normal as the dryness takes moisture from your body. This will make you feel less comfortable during cold weather. With a proper balance of humidity between 33% and 55%, you’ll feel more comfortable year round…and you’ll save money when you don’t have to run your HVAC system as much.
  • Better health: Aside from the previously mentioned dry, itchy skin, low humidity is linked to other health issues, such as respiratory infections, congestion, and irritated eyes, nose, and throat. Dry air also helps the growth and spread of a number of viruses. With moister air, you can expect fewer sluggish days with congestion, infections, or just generally feeling “rotten.”

Have Professionals Find the Right Humidifier for Your Home

Achieving the right humidity in your home is all about finding a balance: too much moisture in the air is as bad as too little. This is why you need a technician skilled with installing humidifiers in Benson, AZ to handle finding the system for your home.

Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning has many decades of experience with the dry air of Southern Arizona. Trust to us when it comes to installing the whole-house humidifier to suit you. Give us a call today to schedule your next HVAC service in Benson, AZ.

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