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Are UV Germicidal Lights Necessary in All Homes?

Let us preface this post by saying that no, UV germicidal lights are not going to be necessary, or even beneficial, in every home. That being said, there are many instances in which UV germicidal lights can be of immense benefit to homeowners. We’ve put together some information to help you to decide if your home is a good candidate for UV germicidal lights in Tucson, AZ. If you suspect that this is the case, then contact a member of ours staff immediately. We are more than happy to ensure that you have everything you need in your home in order to live in the comfortable, healthful environment that we know you deserve. You can count on the IAQ specialists on the Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning team.

When to Use UV Germicidal Lights

UV germicidal lights emit ultraviolet radiation in amounts which are safe to humans, pets, and other welcome guests in your home, but which are capable of destroying biological pollutants and rendering them incapable of reproducing. These devices are installed in the ductwork in an HVAC system, and treat air as it passes beneath them. If you have trouble with mold, viruses, or other biological pollutants in your home, you should certainly give the use of UV germicidal lights some serious consideration. They can help to alleviate asthma, allergy, and other respiratory illness symptoms to improve health and comfort for you and your family members.

Limitations to Keep in Mind

When it comes to resolving problems with biological pollutants, UV germicidal lights are very helpful. However, they cannot remove dust, dirt, and other debris from the air in the manner of air filtration systems. Because of this, you should use UV air purifiers as supplements to, but not in replacement of, air filtration equipment. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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