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Air Conditioning Installation Options for Your Mesa, AZ Home

Are you satisfied with the performance of your AC? Is it time to retire your AC in favor of a new energy efficient model? Are you building a home from scratch? Whatever your air conditioning installation need may be in Mesa, AZ, make sure the job is completed by a professional. But you may be daunted by the sheer range of options available on the market today. Don’t be. This range of options is there so that you can find a unique solution for your cooling needs, the layout of your home, and your budget.

When the time is ripe for a new AC, call the air conditioning installation experts of Mesa at Goettl Good Guys.

Here Are Some Available Air Conditioning Installation Options

  • Central air. We’re willing to be that you have heard the term “central air” before. The name has become synonymous with comprehensive home cooling and it’s not without good reason that it remains the conventional go-to system for homeowners across the country. Central air is a split system, which means that there is an outdoor unit and an indoor unit connected to a system of ductwork.
  • Packaged unit. A packaged unit is just like central air, with one exception: instead of the indoor unit residing indoors in a basement or crawlspace, all of the system components are housed in a single metal housing that sits outside the home or on the roof. These packaged air conditioning systems are convenient for repair and maintenance and are primarily used in commercial and mobile home applications.
  • Ductless mini split. While long popular in Europe and Asia, ductless mini splits are now becoming more popular in the American market for their performance, versatility, and most significantly, their energy efficiency. A ductless system avoids the use of ductwork to circulate air throughout the house by housing the indoor unit components in a relatively compact box that sits directly in the living space. Multiple indoor units are often used to cool an entire home, each of which can be separately controlled.

Those are just a few of the options that we offer here at Goettl Good Guys. We also do evaporative coolers and aqua chill air conditioning installation services in Mesa, AZ, and you can always rely on us for repair and maintenance. Call us today for more information.

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