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Energy Efficiency Facts

Having good insulation in Tucson, AZ is critical for every homeowner. The insulation in your home is your last line of defense against heat transfer between your home and the outside air. Here at Goettl Good Guys, we offer complete air conditioning services and insulation to residents of Tucson, AZ. We wanted to alert our customers to the importance of insulation and how it could potentially improve your home’s energy efficiency.

What Does Insulation Do for Your Tucson, AZ Home?

Insulation is designed for one purpose: resist heat transfer. There are a few different types of insulation that are very popular. Blown in insulation, or spray in insulation, is very good for many homeowners. But probably the most common is the roll batt variety that comes in large rolls which fit in between your wall studs or ceiling joists.

In particular, the insulation in your ceiling is incredibly important—especially in Arizona. The ceiling insulation protects your home from the heat that can gather in your ceiling. You want to make sure that your attic insulation is in good working condition so that the heat there doesn’t leech into your home.

Signs You Need Tucson, AZ Insulation Replacement

Here in Phoenix, and just about all of Arizona, you need to make sure that your home’s insulation is in good working condition. There are a few things that you can look for that could indicate that you need insulation replacement for your Tucson, AZ home. The easiest place to check this is in your attic. Most homes have easy access to the space above the ceiling where you can check out the condition of your insulation.

  • Thinning insulation – As your insulation ages it will start to thin out. This is undesirable because as your insulation gets thinner the less heat transfer it can resist. If you have the pink or yellow roll batt insulation you want it to be nice and fluffy.
  • Holes – During the installation process, your insulation technicians should have saw to it that your insulation completely filled the spaces between the ceiling or wall joists.
  • Rot and Insects – If you discover that mice or insects have infested your insulation and there are holes in it, then you should call for Tucson, AZ insulation services. Replacing that damaged insulation can likely help you improve the energy efficiency of your home.

If insulation. Tucson, AZ, is what you need, then make sure that you call the experts at Goettl Good Guys. 

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