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Advantages of Zone Control for Your Air Conditioning

We’ve all been there: the silent fight over the thermostat. You turn it down, someone else turns it up, and it goes back and forth until everyone is annoyed and no one is comfortable. And to be honest, your air conditioner isn’t too thrilled, either, as every switch of the thermostat changes the cycling, putting undue stress on your system. So how can you maintain comfort and control over your Paradise Valley air conditioning without living next to the thermostat? Try a zone control system from Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.

What Is a Zone Control System?
The delivery system for your air conditioning is your ductwork. Controlling the airflow going through your ductwork is at the heart of a zone control system. How? Motorized dampers are placed inside your supply air ducts; each damper has its own thermostat. These dampers are then connected to a central control panel, which is regulated by the dampers’ thermostats. The dampers inside the ducts open and close as needed to raise or lower the temperature in a given zone.

What Is a Zone?
A zone can be a single room, a group of rooms, an entire floor, a wing of your home – whatever you want it to be. Before installing your zone control system, you and your HVAC technician will create a zone plan that will delineate the different zones you want in your home.

What Are the Benefits of a Zone Control System?
There are multiple benefits to installing a zone control system:

• Better energy efficiency – when you cool only the spaces you need to rather than your whole house, you cut down on the usage of your air conditioner. This can save energy.

• Customized comfort – that fight with the thermostat is over! With a zone control system, you have the ability to cool a given zone just as you want, without affecting other zones.

• Less strain on your AC – needing less cooling for your home means your air conditioner runs less; this helps reduce the strain on your system.

Is It Time to Get in the Zone?
A zone control system can help you to boost efficiency and comfort and comfort levels, but it is not a DIY project.

If you think your air conditioning system in Paradise Valley can benefit from zone control, call the trained experts you can trust: Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.

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