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AC Repair Warning Signs: Hot Spots

comfortable-womanWhen you live in a climate as hot as ours, any problems with your air conditioning are cause for concern. The last thing that you want to do is to let problems get to a point where your system breaks down entirely. There are a lot of warning signs that your air conditioner may be in trouble, and one of the most obvious of these warnings are hot spots throughout the house. When properly sized and installed, your air conditioner should be capable of cooling your home effectively and evenly throughout.

Now, not every instance of hot spots in your home is going to be the result of air conditioning problems. Some are, though, and having the problem diagnosed professionally is a must if you want to resolve it before further issues develop. Leave your air conditioning repairs in Phoenix, AZ to the pros on our team, and know that your system will get the attention that it needs to succeed throughout the hottest time of the year. 

Degraded or Insufficient Insulation

One common reason why hot spots pop up in people’s homes has to do with the insulation in that home. If your insulation has been damaged by moisture trapped in the walls, pests, or simply is not providing the right level of insulation due to low R-value, then you are going to experience an unacceptable amount of heat transfer. Remember, insulation is not just a concern during the cooler time of the year. Insulation works both ways, and if you don’t have great insulation in your home then you are going to wind up taking in excessive heat in those areas affected.

Damaged Air Ducts

Another common problem that affects a part of your air conditioning, though not the AC units themselves, is damaged ductwork. Central air conditioning systems, of course, remove heat from the air in your home and then distribute that cooled air throughout the house via a system of air ducts. If any of these air ducts are damaged and leaking, the areas that they service won’t receive the amount of cooling that they should. Those ducts passing through unconditioned areas, like the attic or the space between walls, can pull hot air into the system. This can wind up being not only an uncomfortable problem, but a costly one as well, as your AC will have to work harder than it should have to in its attempts to cool your home.

Faulty Thermostats/Poor Placement

Do you use a zoned cooling system in your home? Have you double checked to make sure that the thermostat in each area is actually set to the desired temperature? If so, but you notice that your home still is not comfortable throughout, you could have a faulty thermostat in that particular zone which is uncomfortable. If your system is not zoned, and you have just one thermostat with which to control your HVAC system, then that thermostat may be installed in an area that is not representative of temperatures throughout the house. Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix will help you get to the bottom of the situation. 

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