Do I Need AC Maintenance Every Year?

AC-being-servicedYes, you absolutely do. Even those areas of the country with cooler summers demand routine, annual AC maintenance. Considering how hard our air conditioners work around here, this is not a service that you can afford to overlook.

Long story short, there is simply nothing better that you can do for your air conditioning system than scheduling routine, professional air conditioning maintenance in Tucson, AZ. AC maintenance is not something that you can handle on your own or that you can entrust to a general handyman or woman. Thorough air conditioning maintenance demands the skill and expertise that only an experienced professional can offer, which is why you should schedule service with us.

What Does Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance Mean?

If you think that air conditioning maintenance means changing your air filter(s) as needed — typically every 1-3 months — and cleaning up your outdoor condenser unit, then you are only partly right. While these are important steps that you can handle on your own, they are really on drops in the bucket in terms of what must be done to keep your air conditioning in prime working condition. Actual professional air conditioning maintenance demands much more, including but not limited to the following steps.

  • Checking all electrical wiring and electrical contacts.
  • Checking for oil and/or refrigerant leaks.
  • Checking amperage.
  • Checking bearings and moving parts, lubricating as needed.
  • Testing blower fan.
  • Inspect capacitors.
  • Inspect relays.
  • Inspect compressor.
  • Inspect evaporator coil.

These are not nearly all of the steps that must be completed to keep your system in great working order, so it should be clear that this is a service best left to qualified and knowledgeable professionals.

What Are the Benefits of Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance?

If you never have your automobile inspected and fail to have its oil changed, etc., then it may stay up and running for a while. It likely won’t run as reliably as it otherwise would, though. You’ll probably be getting less in terms of gas mileage, as well. The same basic principle carries over to your air conditioning system.

If your air conditioner is not tuned up every single year before you put it back into regular rotation, you may be able to get by for a year. Maybe even two. However, you are putting the system’s integrity at risk. You are greatly increasing the likelihood of encounter operating problems and repair needs. You are not going to cool your home as efficiently as you otherwise would. Is this really the chance that you want to take? Extend equipment life while living in greater comfort at less cost. Schedule annual AC maintenance!

Enroll in Our Maintenance Plan

Why not make things as simple as possible why enjoying added benefits? That is what you can do when you enroll in our air conditioning maintenance plan. Doing so gets you preferred rates on all of the work that we do. It entitles you to a 5–year warranty on all parts and 2–year warranty on labor. You also have access to 24/7 service.

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