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5 Tips for Cooling Your Home Efficiently This Summer

It’s not exactly a closely guarded secret that air conditioning systems in this area tend to take a beating. The heat of the summer season can be incredibly intense, and you need to know that your system is going to be capable of keeping your home cool and comfortable throughout the worst of it. Of course, you also don’t want to drain your bank account as a result of cooling your home effectively, either. In order to strike the right balance between energy efficiency and comfort, you may need to make some changes. Following, you’ll find some tips to help you to cool your home more efficiently this summer season.

  1. Insulate your home sufficiently. The purpose of insulation is to stop the unwanted transfer of heat into or out of your home. Having sufficient insulation allows you to prevent heat from the air outside from seeping into your home and raising temperatures, thus also raising cooling costs.
  2. Seal your ductwork effectively. Most homeowners use ductwork in order to distribute both heated and cooled air throughout their homes. If you hope to do so without wasting energy due to air leaks, then you may need to have your air ducts sealed. Don’t ever try to seal your ducts yourself, especially with ductwork. We use the right materials, including a bonding mastic sealant, to ensure that the job is done right.
  3. Upgrade your thermostat. If you think that replacing your old thermostat with a programmable or smart model is not going to have much of an impact, think again. Your thermostat is the conduit through which you communicate with your HVAC system. Taking better control over temperature regulation can pay off in a big way.
  4. Use a zone control system. With a zone control system, you can take greater control than ever before over the way in which you cool your home. You can cool different zones to different temperatures, and you can live more comfortably while cutting down on cooling costs. These systems use multiple thermostats to give you control over individual zones.
  5. Schedule routine AC maintenance. If you are not scheduling routine, annual AC maintenance, then you are doing yourself and your system a major disservice. Your AC is going to incur a lot of wear and tear over the course of the summer season. Scheduling routine maintenance will help to prevent that wear and tear from causing serious operational problems, or from dragging down efficiency.

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