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3 Things to Know about UV Germicidal Lights

Mold. Fungus. Microbacteria. These aren’t words you want to hear in connection with your home, especially when it comes to ductwork responsible for distributing air through the rooms. These contaminants can produce an unhealthy effect on your indoor air quality, and they are difficult to remove through normal means.

But there is a special method available to indoor air quality experts that will effectively and safely remove bacterial growth from ventilation systems: UV germicidal lights. These lamps send ultraviolent radiation in concentrations that are deadly for bacteria, destroying their nuclei and stopping them from reproducing.

To find out more about UV germicidal lights in Green Valley, AZ and how they can be installed in your ducts, contact the team at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. Your air quality is our priority.

Here are three things you might want to know about UV germicidal lamps:

FIRST: They do work… and work well

You should know that UV germicidal lights are used in many places aside from homes to kill off viruses, molds, spores, fungi, and bacteria. They are indispensable aids in hospitals and food processing plants for creating a clean environment. They have proven again and again their effectiveness in destroying the sort of contamination that can take hold in your vents. As long as the lamps are properly installed, they will get the job done.

SECOND: Their inventor won the Nobel Prize

How amazing are UV germicidal lights? The man who pioneered their use to kill microorganisms won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work in 1903. Niels Finsen, an Icelandic scientist, discovered that the use of concentrated ultraviolet light radiation could kill off disease-causing organisms. This opened up a new avenue in treatment for illnesses such as tuberculosis… and a new avenue for increasing your health in your home through mold and microbacteria control.

THIRD: They are safe for your indoor air quality

You’ve heard about the dangers of UV radiation because of prolonged exposure. However, the lamps used for mold remediation are designed to present little danger to the people in your household, and they are directed so that their light will not affect the rest of the house. Since UV radiation only affects the cellular structure of molds, it leaves behind no residue that can damage your indoor air quality: no chemicals, no sprays, no disinfectants… UV lamps eliminate molds and leave no traces behind.

When you hire Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to install UV germicidal lights in Green Valley, AZ, we will not only handle the job fast and effectively, but we will also take care of regular check-ups to see that the lights are working correctly. We are available with 24/7 repair services whenever you need the help.

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