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3 Steps That You Can Take Before Scheduling AC Repairs

Before we get into this post, we must reiterate the following information: any air conditioning repair services that you may need must, without exception, be completed by qualified, professional technicians. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to repair your own air conditioning system. In doing so, you only risk further damage to your system, along with personal injury. There are, however, a few items you may want to check prior to scheduling professional air conditioning repair services in Tucson, AZ. Not all problems with our air conditioners are always what they seem. If none of these simple issues seem to be the problem, then contact Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning immediately to have your home cooling system repaired by a consummate professional.

  • Double check your thermostat settings before assuming that your air conditioner is in trouble. It sounds obvious, but sometimes the problem is as simple as a thermostat being set improperly. Perhaps it is still switched over to “heating,” or you only have the fan on. It is also possible that you’ve set the temperature too high, and that your AC just isn’t coming on when you’d like it to as a result. This is certainly not the type of problem that you have to pay a professional to handle.
  • Inspect and clean/replace your air filter before contacting a professional as well, at least if low airflow seems to be the issue. You should be doing this on a regular basis. If it has slipped your mind recently, then it is possible that your air filter has become dirty enough so as to be clogged with pollutants. In such instances, your system may have a hard time forcing air through it. You should also make sure that all vents in your home are unobstructed, and that furniture has not shifted and blocked them off.
  • Finally, give your outdoor unit a quick visual inspection. If a lot of yard debris or other items are piled up around or on top of the unit, then it may be struggling to enjoy a sufficient airflow. This is very counterproductive to the operation of the system. Remember, if there is no such obvious cause for your AC issue, do not hesitate for a moment to schedule repair with us.

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