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3 Signs That It’s Time to Seal Your Ductwork

If your air conditioner is cooling your home, then you may not really give it all that much thought. You must keep in mind the fact that just because your HVAC system is up and running, though, does not mean that it is operating at peak performance levels. There are many different problems that may negatively impact the performance quality of your HVAC system, as well as the efficiency with which it operates.

One of the most common in forced air distribution based systems is leaky ductwork. Having your air ducts sealed professionally is the only way in which to resolve such problems. Contact Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning today if you think that you may be in need of professional duct sealing in Phoenix, AZ.

Increased Heating and Cooling Costs

One of the most common indicators which alerts homeowners to leaking air ducts is a spike in their heating and/or cooling costs. While energy costs certainly do fluctuate, you should have a general sense of how much it costs to keep your home comfortable at different times of the year. A major spike in heating and/or cooling costs, especially one that happens suddenly and without obvious explanation, is a major red flag that you may have air leaks in your ductwork.

Declining Indoor Air Quality

Not only can air leak out of your air ducts if they are not properly sealed, but pollutants can actually make their way into those air ducts as well. This is problematic, as those pollutants can build up in the HVAC system and cause problems. The effect on your indoor air qulaity can be particularly unwelcome, though. When pollutants are allowed into the system, your air ducts can actually distribute those pollutants throughout the entire house. Contact us for more details.

Uneven Cooling and/or Heating

If your air ducts are leaking air en route to its destination, then chances are that you are going to find that different areas of your home are more comfortable than others. If your air conditioning and/or heating system used to heat and/or cool your entire home evenly and comfortably, the development of hot or cold spots is a pretty strong indicator that duct sealing may be needed. Whatever problems you may encounter, know that you can count on us to resolve it effectively. Schedule duct sealing with a member of our team today.

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