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3 Signs That It’s Time for AC Repairs

During the most intense heat of the summer season, you really don’t want your air conditioner giving out on you. However, you are definitely going to encounter problems with your air conditioner at some point. There is just no such thing as a 100% reliable air conditioning system. The good news is that repairing your air conditioner at the very first sign of trouble can help you to minimize any damages to your system. In order to schedule prompt air conditioning repairs in Tucson, AZ, of course, it is necessary that you first learn to recognize that there is a problem to begin with. Keep the following information in mind, and be sure to schedule AC repairs with Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning the moment that you suspect something has gone wrong with your system. 

  1. Increased Cooling Costs: If you have been using your air conditioner for any amount of time, then you probably have a pretty good idea of how much it should cost you in order to cool your home. If you begin to notice that your air conditioner is costing you more and more to do so, there is likely a problem with your system which is dragging down the efficiency with which it operates. Scheduling repair services when your cooling costs spike is always advisable.
  2. Decreased Cooling Output: Is your air conditioner suddenly unable to cool your entire home in an effective manner? If so, contact a member of our staff immediately. The longer that you wait to do so, the more likely serious damage to your system becomes. Assuming that your AC is of the right size for your home, and was professionally installed, there really is no excuse for a subpar cooling performance.
  3. Unfamiliar Sounds: Your air conditioner is not going to be completely silent as it cools your home. That being said, it also should sound like a helicopter taking off in your backyard. Should your AC start to make alarming sounds when running or cycling on, have a member of our staff investigate matters as soon as possible.

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