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3 Reasons to Schedule Air Conditioning Repairs

AC-repair-technicianLiving in Arizona means experiencing pretty warm weather for most of the year. When the heat of summer really starts to spike, “pretty warm” doesn’t even begin to describe it, of course. The last thing that you want to find yourself dealing with in the middle of a hot summer season is an air conditioner that is not functioning properly — except, maybe, an AC that is not functioning at all.

Ideally, you won’t let problems with your air conditioning system develop to the point that the air conditioner breaks down entirely. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, though, you first need to know the warning signs that it is time to call for AC repairs in Tucson, AZ. Here are a few such signs to keep in mind.

Is Your Air Conditioner Getting Louder and Louder?

Certain systems, like an electric radiant heating system, actually are more or less silent in their operation. This is not really the case with a central air conditioner, though. A big window unit may be noisier than what you hear when you use a central AC, but you are still going to notice some general operating sounds.

However, if you’ve used your AC for a season or two, you probably know what its operating sounds generally sound like. If your system is making new noises, such as banging, grinding, screeching, or nonstop clicking noises, you could have any number of problems on your hand. The fact that your system is running does not mean that it is operating properly, so have these sounds checked out before any serious damage is done.

Is Your Air Conditioner Starting and Stopping Frequently?

If so, it may be short cycling. Short cycling is a serious problem for a few reasons. When you force your AC to start up, run only briefly, shut down, and then start up again, you are putting a lot of strain on the compressor and the system in general. Starting up uses more energy than the system does when running consistently, so you are also going to see a spike in utility costs. Plus, over time, the wear and tear will result in increased repair needs.

Short cycling could mean that you have a refrigerant leak that must be repaired, or that your thermostat is malfunctioning. It could also mean that you simply have a very dirty air filter, or that your system is too big for your home and really should be replaced. We’ll figure out precisely what the problem is so that we can resolve it entirely.

Is Your Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air?

Shy of a total breakdown, an air conditioner that is blowing warm is probably the most obvious sign of trouble. Again, there are various issues that could result in this symptom. Maybe your AC is low on refrigerant due to leaks — or maybe you just have it in fan-only mode without realizing? You could have a tripped breaker on the circuit powering your outdoor unit, while the indoor unit is alive and well, distributing warm air throughout the house.

Always check for such obvious causes of the problem before scheduling professional repairs. If you cannot find any such cause, however, pick up that phone and dial our number. We’ll get to the bottom of the situation and resolve it successfully.

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