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3 Alternatives to Split Central Air Conditioners

When most homeowners think of a whole-house air conditioning system, they likely think of split central cooling systems. While these are probably the most popular of all whole-house cooling systems in the country, though, they are certainly not your only option to consider. Because we’re already in the thick of the summer season, you hopefully already have a great system in place. If you need a new AC for a new property, though, or if unexpected circumstances necessitate the replacement of your system, be sure to give the following options some thought. We are happy to handle your air conditioning services in Phoenix, AZ.

Evaporative Coolers

Because we live in a pretty arid climate, the evaporative cooler is actually a very good option for cooling homes in our area. An evaporative, or swamp, cooler is a system that uses moisture in order to help cool your home. It uses a special cooling agent that allows water to evaporate at much lower temperatures than normal. Warm air moves over saturated pads in the system, and water immediately begins to evaporate. Fans then blow air cooled by the evaporation process into the living space. This method of residential cooling uses very little electricity, and can even help to keep the air in your home sufficiently humidified.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps, too, are great for our environment. Obviously, living in Arizona means that you are going to be using your air conditioning system a lot more than you do your heater. That doesn’t mean, though, that you are never going to have cause for warming your home. With a heat pump, you get a heater and an air conditioner all in one system. During the winter season, the heat pump makes use of existing heat in the air outside in order to very efficiently heat a home, which is ideal for our warm climate.

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless heating and cooling systems utilize heat pump technology in order to offer the same benefits as a heat pump. However, they are also able to distribute conditioned air throughout one’s home without the use of ductwork. That helps them to avoid issues with inefficiency or air quality that may result from leaky ductwork, while also making zoned heating and cooling easy to exploit.

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