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Air Duct  Cleaning, Sealing and  Maintenance  in Green Valley, AZ

Your home’s heating and air conditioning systems plug away continuously to keep you and your family comfortable. Whether warming or cooling your indoor air, or just keeping the air circulated, your home’s air systems work hard on a daily basis. Over time, however, this continuous cycling of air leads to an accumulation of dust, bacteria and other allergens inside your air vents.

When a Goettl expert cleans your air ducts, these contaminants are removed so they can no longer hamper the quality of your air. This improves the air that circulates throughout your home and eliminates the spread of any airborne contaminants. Further, cleaning your air ducts allows your cooling and heating systems to work more productively. It maximizes their capabilities while using less energy. Call Goettl’s HVAC Comfort Advisors to have your home’s air ducts repaired, maintained, or replaced today.

Reasons to Clean and Maintain Your Home’s Air Ducts

Health Matters

Duct cleaning is particularly important if you have any health conditions that may be impacted by indoor air contaminants. Respiratory conditions, allergies, and auto-immune symptoms may be helped by the cleaning of a home’s ducts. If bacteria, fungi, or mold make their way into your home, your duct system may distribute these contaminants around your home, posing a potential risk to your health.

Minimize Pet Problems

Pets are valued members of the family. Make sure your home is prepared to handle them appropriately by having your air ducts cleaned and maintained annually. This will not just mean that the air circulating is cleaner, but it also means you won’t need to worry about clogs from a build-up of pet hair and dander.

Safety First

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that if you have a fuel burning furnace, stove or fireplace in your home, you should make sure your systems are serviced and inspected prior to each heating season to ensure proper functioning and protect against possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Increased Efficacy, Reduced Energy Usage

Research shows that regular duct system maintenance can improve the efficacy and life of your home’s cooling and heating systems. Cleaning dirty fans, heat exchangers and cooling coils helps your system work better and use less energy. This means your air conditioning and heating systems will work better for longer while also saving you money on your energy bills. Learn how Goettl can help you improve your home’s energy efficiency.

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Our team of trustworthy, certified air conditioning and plumbing expertsin Green Valley, AZ are more than just specialists in their field. A candidate has to meet rigorous standards to be hired by Goettl. Not only do we use background checks and drug checks to verify that applicants meet our high standards, they must also pass an extensive skill test, a personality test, and be Sadie-certified.

Know you can trust Goettl home service providers to keep your air conditioning, heating and plumbing systems moving efficiently and your home safe and clean.

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