Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing! Serving the American Southwest since 1939.

AC Repair in Gilbert, AZ

We fix all air conditioner brands and models, even if we didn't perform the initial installation. We train our service experts to keep up with the most current technology in our industry so as to guarantee that we get the job done right the first time. When we are done, we will test the system to ensure the best possible performance and efficiency.

Red Screws

Our technicians are highly trained, and they sweat the details. We believe in leaving your system better than how we found it. So we replace the screws that the other companies leave out of your air conditioning system. We created our own red powder-coated, patented screws. Our screws will pull any metal together.

A Proud History of Service

In 1939, the Goettl brothers began helping Phoenix, AZ residents survive through severe desert temperatures by developing the area’s first evaporative cooler and refrigerated AC units. We have continued to build on that legacy by perfecting our service and maintenance crews to offer some of the world’s hottest climates with AC repair and picture-perfect AC installations, ensuring we keep our customers cool and safe all year long.

Three Options

After a thorough diagnosis of the problem our service expert will provide at least 3 options, one of which is to do nothing, and let the customer choose the option that best fits their needs. It's all part of our Six Step Customer Protection Plan to make sure you'll be happy with our service.

What Causes My Air Conditioning System To Rattle?

Catching even a minor issue early on, such as a rattling sound, can prevent it from becoming a major problem later. This will help you save money on AC repairs, and potentially even a premature replacement.
Dependable Service

Dependable AC Service with Three Options of Upfront Pricing

We do not start any repairs unless the customer signs off on them. Our technicians will give you at least three options for service — so whether your job is small, medium, or large, you'll have a full understanding of our work the whole time, with no miscommunications or surprises along the way. It's all part of our Six Step Customer Protection Process.

We've got your back

We give you a free flashlight when we come to your home.