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Air Conditioning Services  in Jonestown, TX

At Goettl, we are dedicated to providing the finest service for all of your air conditioning system needs. Goettl was one of the original American pioneers of cooling systems and helped inspire the industry as we know it today. For over 80 years, our core values have remained the same. We believe in doing things the right way, not the easy way.

You and your family’s comfort depends on your home’s HVAC system working . Which is why we specialize in offering comprehensive air conditioning repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services, so you never have to worry about your AC failing, even on the hottest days. We are able to diagnose any problem you may be experiencing and identify a solution that works for you. Our job is to make sure your AC system is working proficiently and efficiently so you can maximize your energy usage.

When you have a Goettl technician repair, replace, or maintain your home’s HVAC system, you can trust that we will respect your home, your time, and your safety. We know that losing your air conditioning can be frustrating and uncomfortable, which is why we offer emergency services, available 24/7. We will find the source of the issue quickly, provide at least three options to solve it, and then you can choose which one works best for you.

You’ll find quality, honesty, and reliability in everything we do. Trust your home’s cooling system to a company that does it the right way, not the easy way. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Air Conditioning Services

We specialize in providing comprehensive air conditioning repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services. We are able to diagnose any problem you may be having and find a solution that works for you. Our mission is to extend the life of your air conditioning unit and improve its productivity so you can maximize your energy usage.

Here are just some of the many HVAC services we offer:


AC Repair Service

From the tiniest air conditioning repair to an entire home cooling system overhaul, the Goettl professionals can help make the process easy. No matter the type, make, or model, we can get your system working again so you stay comfortable, no matter the temperature outside.

Why Is My AC Not Working?

Why Is My AC Rattling?


HVAC Replacement and Installation Service

When you need to replace your AC system or unit, look no further than the professionals at Goettl. We have the skills and experience to make your home’s heater replacement or installation experience great.

Do I Need to Replace My Heater or Furnace?


Air Conditioning Rejuuuvenation®

Our Goettl expert technicians will keep your home’s systems fully rejuvenated! Your AC will be maintained and ready to go year-round so you never have to worry about it. And members of Sadie’s Guard Dog Protection Plan receive added benefits and discounts so your AC system will be ready, no matter the forecast.


AC Maintenance Tune-Up

While often undervalued, regular maintenance is essential to keeping your cooling system running strongly, yet efficiently. After the purchase of your air conditioning system, it is the single greatest investment you can make to extend the life of this frequently used appliance.

3 Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance


Energy Efficiency

At Goettl, we understand the importance of reducing energy consumption without hindering your lifestyle. That’s why we work together with you to find the best solutions to your energy concerns.


Packaged Heating and Cooling Units

A packaged heating and cooling unit is a great option for small homes without a lot of space for indoor units. These devices put all of the components needed to cool and heat into one metal-encased “package”. Normally located outside a home, these units can be huge space-savers.


Indoor Air Quality

It’s important to have clean air inside your home. Our knowledgable Comfort Advisors provide our clients with the latest technology. Allow us to help find the best solution to your air quality problems, so you can keep your home’s air quality clean, healthy and safe for years to come.


Heat Pumps

Air-source heat pumps use the difference in air temperatures inside vs. outside your home to heat and cool your home’s air. These can be great options for homes in moderate climates, without harsh winters. They can also help minimize your utility bills because of their high energy efficiency.

What to Look for in a Heat Pump

Ductless Systems

Ductless HVAC systems, also referred to as mini split systems, are good options for those who live in warm climates. They eliminate the need for a furnace and provide heat and air conditioning without the need for typical air ducts. They are scalable based on your home’s needs and energy efficient.

3 Benefits of Ductless Systems

Is a Ductless Mini Split System Right for Me?


Air Duct Sealing, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Your home is only as clean as the air inside of it. To help keep your home’s air clean and your air systems working efficiently, Goettl can help make sure your air ducts are sealed correctly, cleaned well, and maintained properly.

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What you can expect from Goettl Air Conditioning and Plumbing

What You Can Expect with Goettl

The Goettl Service Difference

Our team of trustworthy, certified air conditioning and plumbing expertsin Jonestown, TX are more than just experts in their field. A candidate must meet rigorous standards to be hired by Goettl. Not only do we use background checks and drug checks to verify that applicants meet the highest of standards, they must also pass an extensive skill test, a personality test, and be Sadie-certified.

Know you can trust Goettl home service providers to keep your air conditioning, heating and plumbing systems moving with ease and your home safe and clean.

We’ve been providing quality home services in the Jonestown, TX area since 1939. We believe in doing things the right way, not the easy way. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.