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Honest knowledgeable professionals

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Ray Lockhart, Sun City, AZ

I want to thank you for coming to my home last week and showing me the advantages of having my AC/Heating plant replaced by Goettl. You very professionally covered all the options and explained the pros and cons of each and once the selection was made, things happened quickly. I was expecting at least 2 days of the system being down, but you told me it would be only one and of course, you were right. You are a consummate professional in your field and I salute you for your expertise.

When the installation guys arrived on Tuesday morning, they were excellent. Shawn, David and Eric very obviously knew what the project was and set right to work. I had the pleasure of observing them throughout the day and was amazed at the knowledge and abilities they possessed. Little wasted effort in this crew. They did the job, went beyond and corrected some problems in the old system, got the whole thing done, turned it on and it works perfectly. In fact it works better than I had been led to believe or even hoped. Jim, you were right about the airflow problems being corrected with the new installation and I love the variable speed fan.

I will highly recommend Goettl to anyone that is needing your type of service. You have all the ingredients a consumer looks for. Honest knowledgeable professionals taking care of the problems. I can't speak highly enough about Shawn, David and Eric. This is a fine crew of guys that do a great job. You are fortunate to have them. I operated businesses for 45 years and always strived to have the quality of people you have in these guys. Congratulations!

Thanks for the donation of 2 trucks and 2 technicians

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Katie S., Foundation for Senior Living

Foundation for Senior Living thanks you for your donation of 2 trucks and 2 technicians to help our elderly and low income families who would otherwise have no cooling source in their homes. Your donations help ensure our most needy clients have a safer home environment in Arizona’s hot summer.

In total, there were 37 volunteers who performed over 185 volunteer hours to help needy Maricopa County residents. Overall, FSL was able to service and start up 21 evaporative coolers for low income families and seniors living in Maricopa County. Our clients were very appreciative of this much-needed service, as the majority of the clients we served rely solely on their evaporative cooler as the source for cool air in their home during the hot summer months.

We thank all of our donors for the generous donations, of money, food, gift certificates, trucks and labor from your volunteer technicians. With support from Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to this event, we were able to make the 23rd Annual Cooler Start-Up a huge success. We are grateful for your support and hope that you will continue to assist us in the future.

Thanks to the Goettl team!

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Jeff C.

I was privileged to have Jason and Alex work on my ducting. I have been having problems with hot spots since the units were installed and they worked all day to get our home up to standard. As a retired military officer I always expect as close to perfection as possible and they completed the mission with honor.

Thanks to the Goettl Team!

Goettl did the RIGHT thing

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Allan A.

About 4 YRS ago I had a 4 Ton Unit put on my house which was too big for my Duct work but I didnt know this. From then on every winter my coil would freeze up and there would be no hot air. So Dan Bromlow came out and told me that he had the go ahead to put a 3 1/2 Ton 15 Seer up there and do all the duct work for nothing and nothing from me. On the 30th of Jan. out came Shane and another worker and started tearing out the old duct work and put NEW duct in for me. The crane came and put the new one up and Shawn got it all hooked up. Man, let me tell you that Heat really feels good and its Rockin and Rollin Perfect. All three men
were pros at what they are doing and Goettl stood up and did the RIGHT thing. They now have me as a life time Customer. Thank you very much Goettl AC. And thank you to the 3 men that came out. The only thing left is for Dan B. to come out on the 1st of Feb and QC the Job.

Meticulous, careful, and clean

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Larry C.

Had a thorough duct cleaning by Juan and Tano today. They were so meticulous, careful, great at protecting the furniture and cleaning up afterwards! Thanks!

Polite, professional, and competent

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Paul B.

I received your recent news letter about the changes at Goettl—nicely done and well written. I hope things have started off well for you and the team. This past Saturday I had one of your techs out to my home for the winter tune up. He seemed very positive as I asked him about you and the management team. He did a very nice job as he reviewed the system. On the smaller system –he opened it up and a large piece of insulation must (from the inside of the main cabinet) came off and was being sucked into the blower as he put it—he showed me the piece-about 18 x24 inches. He fixed it –and I spent an additional $800.00 for 2 leak detectors on the water overflow systems and 2 surge protectors for both systems.

The techs were both nice, polite, professional, and competent. On 1/26/13 it was-- Nathan and on 9/28/12 for Coil replacement/warranty it was-- Loc. They were respectful of my home and explained everything—I felt I could trust them and follow their recommendations. When I have my summer service I request that it be Nathan and for Warranty work, Loc. Thanks again!

Great job Santiago

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Karen R.

Santiago did a great job at my home! I was very pleased with the service he provided and would like to thank him. Great job Santiago

It was the right thing to do to get the job done

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Maria & Harold B.

I wanted everyone to know how much I appreciate Joe’s service. His willingness to help and his expertise were both very impressive. He was very brave to go up in the attic when it is so hot. I advised him not to, but he was very insistent that it was the right thing to do to get the job done.”

Goettl has been wonderful!

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Marlene G.

Goettl has been wonderful! I had an appointment scheduled, but canceled when there was no longer a problem. Last week, Loc came out and did a great job. Everyone at Goettl is so courteous and kind. Every person I have spoken to in the office is polite and joyful. The supervisors I talked to were very attentive. Goettl is definitely up to snuff. So often, businesses here in the Valley forget to simply say thank you. I really appreciate all of Goettl’s hard work.

I was very impressed with his professionalism.

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Karl & Janice W.

I just had Roland out this morning for a warranty call. He did a wonderful job! He came in, got the job done and left the work area neat and clean. I was very impressed with his professionalism.

Job well done!

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Russ & Nanette L.

I just want express that Brian provided very good service today. Job well done!

Great job!

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Max & Florence S.

James, came out on the a couple of days ago and did a great job! He was very congenial, thorough and knowledgeable.

Did a great job

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George R.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had two great Goettl employees come out today that did a great job, and knew their job really well.

I am very happy

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Lloyd L.

Loc came out to my home recently and did great work. I am very happy with the service he provided me!

Roland is the best thing since sliced bread

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Jana G.

Just had Roland out to my home, and I am so pleased with his work. I will never let another person touch my AC unit again. Roland is the best thing since sliced bread, and did an amazing job

I can’t express how happy I was with their service.

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Catherine W.

I received great service from Shawn and Jacob last Tuesday. The two men were extremely professional, accurate in their work and cleaned up after themselves when finished. I can’t express how happy I was with their service. I hope to have these two come back for all of my future service requests

Service was top notch

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Bob H.

I was very pleased with how professional John was in my home. His service was top notch

I very much enjoyed their company!

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James M.

Wali Sherr and Jose Gutierrez did a wonderful job today! Goettl is lucky to have them as employees. They are good workers, polite and I very much enjoyed their company!

Great job

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Vladimir T.

The two techs Aherr and Ghamilare were great and everything went well. Thank you for the great job each of you did. Great job, guys!”

Thank you for your service!

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JoAnn A.

I would like to take this opportunity to express our complete satisfaction with our new Goettl Heating and Air conditioning System. After its installation, this efficient system saved us $200.00 on our first electric bill. Your Representative, Mr. James Reed, was very thorough in his explanation of the system, answered all our question during the introductory session and again a few days later, and worked with us in our current financial crunch to install this system. We sincerely appreciate his help. We have already referred a potential customer to him secondary to his sales manner and our total satisfaction of the system. Thank you for your service!

Restored my faith in the service industry

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Paul L.

Loc was out to my home today and has restored my faith in the service industry. I just had new carpet put in my home and was please that Loc was already wearing his shoe covers while entering my home. He was professional, nice and did great work!

I would definitely recommend Goettl!

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Joyce J

Austin was a great technician and he was very professional and very thorough in his evaluation. I'm so grateful because the A/C is now cooling! I would definitely recommend Goettl!

You always do such a great job

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Lois D.

Wali and Jose were great! You always do such a great job of hiring wonderful employees and I would hire those guys any day. They were wonderful and thorough and I really appreciated their hard work!

I am so impressed

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Phillip G.

I am so impressed with your service from beginning to end and I just had to let everyone know what a great job you're doing. I was in a pickle, but Goettl Air Conditioning made a way for it to work out!

Great job!

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Karen B.

I'm writing to say that Wsher did a great job! Way to go!!

Way to go Austin!

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Nancy J.

Austin was so nice and did a great job!! Way to go Austin!

It was a pleasure to have them in my home.

  • Currently testimonialrating/5 Stars.

Maryann, Mark and Tom K.

Rafeal and Enos came first together, wally came later. Bob explained and checked the day before and said what he thought had to be done. It was a pleasure to have them in my home.